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Who's Courtney Potter, you may ask?


Well, she's not the only Courtney Potter you'll find online; there's an artist in No. Carolina with the same name who had a lock on the top Google spots for years ... it's fine.


This Courtney was born, raised (with a short stint in NYC for good measure), and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. She moved schools many times (it was oddly fun), and later graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a shiny BA in Film/Video and a whole lotta credits in Theatre. Over the years, she's worked as a Universal Studios Hollywood tour guide; at an Internet start-up; in reality TV; on the staff of a CBS sitcom; and penned on online column about television. She's pretty good at most stuff she tries ... except maybe athletics. And math. And flirting.


Courtney firmly believes the creativity she's cultivated doing theatre and improv directly impacts her ability to write well, and in any style or "voice" required.


"A vision's just a vision if it's only in your head."

- S. Sondheim

Some people might've heard of Courtney's dad. He did some songwriting and producing in the '70s ...


His name is Brian Potter, and he's swell! You can find out more about him here - or contact Courtney for more details.

courtney potter

Courtney is single.

Inquire within.


[winks in your general direction]


[but she's extremely picky and also hates people]

"If there's an empty space, just fill it with a line -- that's what I like to do. Even if it's from another show."


- Ron Albertson,

"Waiting for Guffman"


Here are some fun facts about Courtney:


+ She can play the William Tell Overture on her cheeks. (Her FACE cheeks, you perv.)


+ She was lucky enough to meet one of her lifelong heroes, Jim Henson, only 10 days before he passed away. She believes this meeting was meant to happen.


+ She once appeared on a (long-defunct) TV game show and won. It's a good story, you should ask about it.


+ She's adept at "speaking in 3rd person."


A little bit about me ...

Photo of Los Angeles-based writer and performer Courtney Potter.