I won a nice award!

By Courtney, Oct 11 2018 12:18AM

Hi hello yes – I’m here! I do exist!

I’ve just been working v. v. hard at my “muggle job” and haven’t had much to update this blog with, especially theatre-wise. (I hope to remedy that very soon; fingers crossed.)

But there is one thing I’ve been remiss in posting about – namely, that I was the lucky recipient of an inaugural High Street Award.

As you may recall (or if not, please to look one blog posting below), earlier this year I had the distinct pleasure of assistant directing a production of “SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN” at the High Street Arts Center in Moorpark, CA. My main job as AD was to produce, direct, and edit the several “movies-with-the-musical” that are seen throughout the show. (I’ve uploaded a couple of them to YouTube; watch ‘em here and here.) Well, back in August, HSAC held their very first High Street Awards -- voted on by the theatre’s Season Ticket holders, honoring the work produced for the theatre during the 2017-2018 Season. Unbeknownst to me, the powers-that-be at HSAC decided to honor me with their own award for “Special Contributions to a Production.” I was completely surprised, and also extremely thankful for the lovely recognition.

Anyhoo, I hope everyone is taking good care of themselves in this strange, strange world we currently live in.

So glad fall is here, and that the holidays are on the way – I could use a little bit of cheer …


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