Strange days.

By Courtney, Aug 25 2020 05:33PM

Hi there, folx!

First, and most importantly, I hope everyone is safe and well.

Secondly, unless you're literally an alien making a first-time visit to our planet, you know that we're deep in the throws of a global pandemic. As such, many, many things are on hold -- for everyone. I'm unreasonably lucky that I can work from home for my day job (and have been doing so since March 13), but basically everything else I fill my life with -- chiefly, performing in musical theatre -- has, obviously, been put on ice for the foreseeable future. I do get to scratch a little theatrical itch once a week or so; a friend started a group on Facebook from which we cast Zoom read-throughs of random TV, film, or theatre scripts. They're not viewable by the general public or anything, but they've been really fun -- in fact, I've gotten to play some "dream roles" I'd legitimately never have the chance to do in real life. (Case in point: Sheila Albertson in "Waiting for Guffman," as portrayed by my forever patronus, Catherine O'Hara.)

All that being said -- there isn't much to report, and there probably won't be for a good long while yet. But let's keep helping each other muddle through; it's dim, I know, but there is light at the end of this dumpster fire of a tunnel. And please, for the love of all that is good and holy, VOTE this November!!!


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