By Courtney, Sep 20 2019 12:14AM

Hey howdy hello!

I cannot believe it’s been almost an ENTIRE YEAR (oop!) since I last posted something on this blog … I think it might have something to do with writing for a living; I really have to be in the right mood to pen anything longer than a Facebook or Instagram post after I’m done with my work day. (I know, I know, poor me, I have to be creative for a living, LOL.) But that’s not the only reason I’ve been fairly MIA – I’ve just been supremely busy, both with work and with theatre. In fact, as we entered 2019 and in the ensuing months since my last blog post, I’ve costarred in two super-popular productions at the High Street Arts Center in Moorpark, CA (the same theatre that gave me the lovely award I spoke of in that last post). I was lucky enough to portray Winifred Banks — a role near and dear to my heart – in their production of "MARY POPPINS" (from January 25 through February 4) … followed almost immediately by playing Rosie in their production of the insanely fun ABBA jukebox musical "MAMMA MIA!" (from April 12 through May 12), for which we had a killer live band, which is unusual at this particular theatre. Anyhoo, both shows were a BLAST to perform (for different reasons, obvs), and after almost a year of not treading the boards, it filled my theatrical cup to the very brim.

Since "MAMMA MIA!"'s closing, I’ve had a bit of a break – which worked out well, considering my department’s most massive event just took place in late August. Thankfully, it went swimmingly, and I celebrated by relaxing on an incredible Disney Cruise to Alaska in early September. (If you’ve never been on a DCL cruise, you simply must! It was an amazing time.) Now that I’m back on terra firma, I’ve launched headfirst into my next theatre project: assistant-directing the incredible Stephen Schwartz musical "PIPPIN" (one of my very early faves; I wore out my dad’s LaserDisc [#agingmyself] of the 1981 HBO version when I was, like, 7 years old) at Conejo Players Theatre in Thousand Oaks, CA, running from November 8 through December 1. I’m assisting one of my BFFs, the inimitable Shawn W. Adams-Lanz, and we have some REALLY cool shenanigans up our sleeves … plus, that killer "MAMMA MIA!" band I mentioned? Well, they’re reconvening for our show, and we’re SO excited! The cast is ridiculously fantastic and the staff is top-notch, so I’m very much looking forward to what we create.

As per usual, I harbor not-so-secret dreams of picking up some kind of theatrical, TV, and/or voiceover representation – so if you’re able to help with that, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Here’s to a lovely (and not too hot or fire-filled, goddess willing) fall season, and hopefully I’ll be back with a new blog post sooner than 11 months from now…


By Courtney, Apr 3 2018 08:46PM

Hi reader(s)! I am fully aware that I've been MIA for many, many months -- blame not only finishing up the show I spoke of in my last entry ("YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" at Conejo Players Theatre), but also working the big D23 Expo 2017 in July '17, then gigging as an Assistant Director (and short film director!) for High Street Arts Center's production of "SINGIN' IN THE RAIN" -- which started rehearsals right around the holidays ... plus the holidays themselves ... then "SINGIN'" actually opening in February (and doing quite well) ... plus the usual craziness at work ... You'll just have to forgive my absence, and trust that if something truly extraordinary happens, I'll be back here to let you know! ;)

Actually, on that note, I can report with glad tidings that I was finally made full-time at work -- yay, cheaper health insurance! -- about 2 months ago now. Nothing big to announce on the theatrical front, but I hope that changes as we head into Summer '18.

"Onwards and upwards, I always says." And reach out if you have any questions, comments, gig/representation offers, etc. I'd be ever so glad to hear from ya.


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