By Courtney, Apr 3 2018 08:46PM

Hi reader(s)! I am fully aware that I've been MIA for many, many months -- blame not only finishing up the show I spoke of in my last entry ("YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" at Conejo Players Theatre), but also working the big D23 Expo 2017 in July '17, then gigging as an Assistant Director (and short film director!) for High Street Arts Center's production of "SINGIN' IN THE RAIN" -- which started rehearsals right around the holidays ... plus the holidays themselves ... then "SINGIN'" actually opening in February (and doing quite well) ... plus the usual craziness at work ... You'll just have to forgive my absence, and trust that if something truly extraordinary happens, I'll be back here to let you know! ;)

Actually, on that note, I can report with glad tidings that I was finally made full-time at work -- yay, cheaper health insurance! -- about 2 months ago now. Nothing big to announce on the theatrical front, but I hope that changes as we head into Summer '18.

"Onwards and upwards, I always says." And reach out if you have any questions, comments, gig/representation offers, etc. I'd be ever so glad to hear from ya.


By Courtney, Jun 5 2017 05:45PM

Friend(s) and fan(s)! I have some fabulous news — I was recently cast as Elizabeth Benning in Conejo Players Theatre’s upcoming production of "YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" … the ridiculously hilarious stage musical based on the legendary 1974 Mel Brooks comedy of the same name! As a die-hard Mel fan, and someone who has been quoting "Young Frankenstein" since she was born (I’m not kidding), I cannot adequately express my excitement …

One thing to note — while the show opens on Friday, July 14th, my own personal “opening night” is the following Thursday, July 20th. Due to a prior work commitment (something that’s been on the books for over a year), I unfortunately have to miss the first three performances — so our choreographer (and my lovely friend) Amie will be on as Elizabeth in my stead. But I’ll be taking the stage for all other performances — so you have four full weekends (we close August 13th) to catch the show with yours truly as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein’s “adorable madcap fiancé”!

After not treading the boards in over a year, I’m so excited to be back in rehearsals — and I’m already having a blast with my uber-talented cohorts. If you’re local to SoCal, this is a show you won’t wanna miss! For more info, click here.

Here’s to an amazing summer! <3

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